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          Nutan Vidyalaya Sevabhavi Education Society, Umri was founded in 1972 by conspicuous group of people who dedicated themselves for a social cause. In the course of time Nutan Education Society prospered on the dedication of the people in management and hard work of the people concerned with the mandal. Now a days Nutan Education Society is widely appreciated and honored by the society for its dedication for the upliftment of the rural students. It is identified as the most eminent, ideal and solicitous education society in the Nanded  district. It is a matter of pride that the Nutan Education Society is being continuously uided by Shri. hon.Shrinivasrao Deshmukh Gorthekar who has been dedicating himself to generate t atmosphere of all pervasive education.

The Management of Late Babasheb Deshmukh Gorthekar Mahavidyalaya organizes periodical meetings with the heads and their colleagues in the departments so as to take  academic reveals and feedback of the academic programmes. In this context, in order to upgrade and update the academic activities the college has  onstituted College  Development Committee (CDC) and Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), which is a basic tool to improve the academic atmosphere. Along with this, heads of various departments take the review of their academic activities and improve the strategy from time to time to fulfil the academic requirements. Instead of this internal mechanism, there is no other agency appointed as academic peers and reviewers to take feedback.

Our Mission Vision & Goal

The vision, mission and objectives of the institution are communicated to all the stakeholders through : The Prospectus, College website (, invitation cards, newspapers and banners and various activities conducted by our college and displayed on the main entrance of the college building.

Our Goal


Our mission is Education for the rural students to empower them to achieve success in the modern era.

The vision of the institution is The enrich education for rural students to build confidence and enhance opportunities to succeed.

Our Mission

Our Vision

  • The goal of the institution is to organize academic activities to broaden horizons and encourage educational research.

  • To create congenial working environment.

  • To integrate curricular and extracurricular activities for all-round development of student.

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