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Introduction of Department 

Department of commerce was established in 2013 with an aim to impart quality Education and develop competent students ready to face challenges of the competitive world. Department of commerce is one of the best succeeding and result oriented faculty. Goals of commerce department being the leading college in the commerce stream in state by to global development in education and adopting the latest technology and equipping student to face the realities of life and giving practical accounting knowledge. The college has the privilege of having a healthy, harmonious and rich value which have played pivotal role in shaping the future of students To succeed in life, one need to be ambitious and goal oriented for this determination and dedication is perquisite which is inculcated in students through classroom teaching and other progression activities. We have selected our curriculum to strike a balance between professional knowledge and personal skill. We are confident that our current curriculum has enabled the overall development of budding managers/Entrepreneur/Self Employment to come up with the expectation of the corporate world. With this brief introduction of department, we welcome students to be a part
of our family towards being a world class center of excellence in Commerce Education.

Vision of Department

To create professional and employable ability among students with the view of employment education, the department has made a vision to confer the professional education and equip the students with knowledge & skill and identify the hidden talents for shaping them to become future employers, entrepreneurs, leaders and a great human being by ethics.

Mission of Department

 1. To prove the prevalence/virtue of commerce among the students.
 2.To devote employable knowledge to our students to become self-employed and entrepreneurs.
 3.To cultivate students for nation building by enhancing their ability for morality.

Objective of department:

 1. To encourage the students to self-employment
 2. Empowering students with perquisite knowledge and guidance to become worthy management professionals.
 3. To develop skills and knowledge on a sound foundation of commercial activities in today’s world
 4. To impart quality and need based education and to sensitize to students to their changing roles in society through awareness raising activities.
 5. To provide the knowledge of accounting, marketing, human resource management and financial management.
  6.To develop new skill equipped youth to build the strong and healthy nation.

Our Faculties for Student

Asst. Professor

Dr. Wadje sir.jpg

Dr. Wadje Sadanand Rajaram

M com, M phil, Ph.D

Asst. Professor


Dr.Anantwar Pradip Shivaji

M com, B Ed, NET, SET. Ph.d 

Asst. Professor

Dr Hake sir.JPG

Mr.Hake Pankaj Bhujangrao

M com, SET. Ph.d (appear)

Syllabus & E-learning 


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