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teaches about social interaction, culture, social stratification, social relations etc


Introduction of Department 

Nutan vidyalay secaabhavi Education society Late Babasaheb Deshmukh Gorthekar Mahavidyalaya Arts,Commerce & Science College is estabilished in June 2001 with the aim of providing educational Facilities of the students from rural areas of umri Taluka. The College has started Department of sociology is the sem year. The department has shown contionous progress in various academic as well as extracurricular activities right from its estabilishment. The department has effective internal co-coordinating and monitoring mechanism for implement acivities, study tours, excursions and co-curricalar activities. The students of department as well as faculty members are participated invarious in various competitions like seminiar, workshop, conference, study tour etc.

The university exam result of department is very satistactory, many of the students are engaged In higher studies. the department consist of two faculty members Dr.Shivaji Dahikamble (Head of the Departmant) and Mr.C.B.Jadhav (CHB Faculty). At [resemt Dr.Shivaji Dahikamble is as head of the department from 29th August, 2005; he also served as a NSS Program officer 2013 to 2016


Our Course for Students


Duration      : 3 yr

Intake Capacity : 120

(UG Level)


Our Faculties for Student

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Asst. Professor

Dr. Shivaji Dahikamble

M.A., SET,  Ph.D

Asst. Professor

Dr. C.B. Jadhav


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