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 focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics 


Introduction of Department 

The department of Political Science has been established with establishment of this College in July 2001. This department is the integral part of Late Babasaheb Deshmukh Gorthekar Mahavidyalaya, Umri, Dist Nanded. This college belong rural area. Our department course offered only UG level degree course, there are many students who have been learning Political Science as their optional subject. The department has been trying to enrich knowledge of students regarding the society. Varies student like this subject and they are interested to learn Political Science.

Today the department consist of two faculty members Dr. Navnath Adkine (Head of the Department) and Mr. S.D. Jadhav (CHB Faculty). At present Dr. Navnath Adkine is as a head of the department from 29th August, 2005; he also served as a Co-ordinator, (YCMOU, Nashik) Study Center on 2005 to 2010.

Our Strong Points -

Political Science acquired importance in the present 21st century of Governance, Public Policy Making and implication. The Department of Political Science achieved the flying scholar achievement for student in the life. Thus the Department of Political Science has always tried its level best maintain and develop the quality of higher education in rural area. Our department in committed to the cause of all development of college.

  • To provide basic knowledge of the Political Science.

  • To introduce of the new terms in Political Science for students.

  • To bring about all-round development of the students to enable them to face in challenges of the modern world

  • To Provide Knowledge of The Indian Polity and Various Political Terms.

  • To Understands about leading role in Rural and Urban governance.

  • To Introduce of Practice of Political System in India and Rural area through study tour at Gram Panchayat, Municipal Council, Court, Legislative Assembly etc.

  • To Provide Knowledge of How are making of Law and Order in Indian Society.


Our Course for Students



Duration      : 3 yr

Intake Capacity : 120


(UG Level)


Our Faculties for Student


Asst. Professor & HOD

Dr. N. G. Adkine

M.A., NET, M.Phil., Ph.D

Mob. No. : 9421300542.

Asst. Professor (CHB)

Mr. S.D. Jadhav


Curriculam Vitae




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