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Physics the study of matter, motion, energy, and force.

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Introduction of Department 

Department of Physics was started in June 2013. The Department of Physics was
started 2013. The Department of physics offers three years B.Sc. degree course to the
student in physics.

Physics is a branch of pure science dealing with the study and analysis of physical
phenomena that take place around us and the nature of forces responsible for them and
accurate measurement of the physical parameters involved their interdependence and the
laws governing them. This leads to a better understanding of the universe we live in
The Physics has been taught at the college level by the lecture method together with
laboratory exercises aimed to clear the concepts taught in the lectures.

Our main strength is highly qualified and experienced faculty. They are actively
engaged in research and teaching. A part from teaching schedule the faculty members gives
parental care to the students

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Our Faculties for Student

Ravindra Konda (1).jpg

Dr.Ravinder Suresh Konda

Assistant Professor 

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